The first phase of Rocket Racing Association competition will be a series of vertical, head-to-head “drag race to space” races with each pilot receiving points for speed and accuracy.  A race consists of two Rocket Racers speeding under auxiliary jet power, parallel to one another and low to the ground, with a digital countdown clock visible to pilots and spectators clicking down the time to launch in 1-second increments.  As the crowd shouts out the countdown and the clock reaches 0, the pilots ignite their rocket engines and pitch upward for a thunderous vertical drag race.  The first Rocket Racer to reach an altitude of 20,000 feet wins the ascent portion of the race.  Both Rocket Racers will then pitch over for a powered descent, circle a marker, and cross the finish line in front of the crowd.  High precision measurements are taken throughout, points are calculated, and the overall winner of the race is announced.  The league champion will be the pilot that accumulates the most points over the course of the season and will be presented the champion trophy at the conclusion of the last race. 

The second phase of Rocket Racing Association competition will be a series of closed-circuit virtual raceway races using the Cockpit Based Augmented Reality System and Ground Based Augmented Reality System.  The closed-circuit format is planned to be a 4-lap, multiple elimination heat on a 5-mile Raceway-In-the-Sky.  Racing events will be held at custom “Rocket Spaceway” venues having a curved grandstand with seating of up to 100,000 guests and positioned along the runway and “Rocket Yard” pits area.