Rocket Racers are to be powered by rocket engines that use ethanol and liquid oxygen as propellants.  Each rocket engine will produce in excess of 2,500 pounds of thrust, produce a 10-15 foot long flame, and have a roar heard and felt for miles around.  Rocket Racer airframes and rocket engines will be of uniform design.  Rocket Racers will have a top speed of 360 knots (414 miles per hour) making the Rocket Racing Association the world’s fastest motorsports series.

Rocket Racer pilots see the Raceway-In-The-Sky with a custom Cockpit Based Augmented Reality System projected onto 3D helmet displays.  For the thousands of fans in attendance at “Rocket Spaceway” venues and the millions of fans watching at home, the Ground Based Augmented Reality System will be visible on handheld devices and television displays.  To complete the immersive fan experience, numerous high definition cameras with microphones will be mounted in Rocket Racers, around the racing venue, and in the “Rocket Yard” pit area with fans selecting custom live streaming views on their handheld devices.